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The next addition to the hugely popular Photicular series (Safari, Ocean, Polar) featuring the most colorful, most exotic creatures yet -- and a look into one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. Jungle takes you to the hot and humid rainforests from Borneo to Brazil -- through real, close-enough-to-touch movement.

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"Through its innovative lenticular process, sliding lenses, and video imagery, Photicular technology takes readers on a stunning journey via full-color fluid motion. POLAR brings us into places unknown by exploring the ends of the earth, the Arctic and Antarctic. There's a walrus lumbering across the snow; a sled dog team sprinting directly at the viewer; the miracle of the northern lights. Science writer Carol Kaufmann pens a lively essay for each image, including the animal's vital statistics."

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A magical journey.
A safari in your hands.
Animals in living motion, as real as if you were there.
The cheetah bounds, the lion charges.
The African elephant snaps its ears.
Using unique Photicular technology, SAFARI is the adventure of a lifetime, and a book unlike any other.
Experience it for yourself.
Ab CHF 32.20