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Use Your Planets Wisely: Master Your Ultimate Cosmic Potential with Psychological Astrology von Freed, Jennifer

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ISBN: 978-1-68364-443-9
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Embark on a journey of self-discovery and archetypal transformation with psychological astrology.

Your cosmic DNA is written in the skies-and when you explore the celestial threads that weave together your unique tapestry, you discover a map to your greatest potential in this lifetime.

Written by popular astrologer and depth psychologist Jennifer Freed, PhD, Use Your Planets Wisely is an innovative and transformative guide to personal evolution through astrology. Bridging the archetypal nature of the birth chart with an understanding of psychological growth, Freed helps us see the many parts of ourselves with new clarity-both the parts we love and the parts we try to hide-and then work with each part as we come into greater alignment with our most joyful and impactful lives.

Use Your Planets Wiselyis written with the complete beginner in mind, though even experienced readers will find value as Freed expertly demystifies elements of astrology that are often either overlooked or overly complicated. First, an insightful integration of astrology and psychology helps us identify the primitive, adaptive, and evolving expressions of the star signs within our charts. Then, through reflection questions and activities, we learn to celebrate the places we already shine and grow into our potential to thrive and serve where we've been stuck.

This book is your invitation to embark on a journey to greater connection, joy, and purpose with the archetypal guidance of the stars.

AutorFreed, Jennifer
VerlagMacmillan USA
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Seitenangabe296 S.
MeldetextLieferbar in ca. 20-45 Arbeitstagen
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├ťber den Autor Freed, Jennifer

Jennifer Freed PhD is a renowned psychological astrologer and social and emotional education trainer. She has spent over thirty-five years consulting clients and businesses worldwide on psychological, spiritual, and educational topics. A regular contributor to goop and Maria Shriver's newsletter The Sunday Paper, Jennifer has penned ten books relating to personal growth, and she has been interviewed for her expertise by the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, People Magazine, and Vogue.

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