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TPM Total Productive Management (eBook) von May, Constantin

Fundamentals and Introduction to TPM - or how to achieve Operational Excellence
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ISBN: 978-3-940775-55-9
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Is it possible to increase the productivity of a company by 30% or even 50%?
Is an OEE (or overall equipment efficiency) increase in a manufacturing plant from 60% to 80% achievable and can it be sustained? Can business processes, seen from the customer-perspective, be shortened in a way that customer services are improved in quality and speed? Are increases in added value of 50% nothing more than a utopian dream?
Can it be achieved that employees identify themselves with the objectives of their company thereby utilizing their full potential, knowledge, and skills with pride and conviction for the good of the company that they are working for?
These are some of the questions that this praxis oriented book seeks to answer. Its purpose is to introduce to professionals, managers, and students the basics of Total Productive Management and to familiarize the interested reader with the comprehensive ideas of TPM. Having read this book, the reader knows both fundamental and expanded pillars of TPM. They will have an overview over the most important TPM tools and know the steps that are necessary for a successful TPM introduction to a company or organization.
AutorMay, Constantin / Schimek, Peter
VerlagCetpm Publishing, Ansbach
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