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George and Harold have created a new super-hero who digs into deception. When Greg the police dog and his cop companion are injured on the job, a life-saving surgery changes the course of history. With the head of a dog and the body of a human, Dog Man has a nose for justice. But can he resist the call of the wild to answer the call of duty?
Ab Fr. 19.45

The #1 "New York Times"-bestselling series from the creator of Captain Underpants continues. When a new bunch of baddies bust up the town, Dog Man must join forces with Petey, the World's Most Evil Cat, to save the day. But can the villainous Petey venture into virtue?

Ab Fr. 16.90

An exclusive retro tin set celebrating the 25th anniversary of the "Goosebumps" series with 5 of the all-time bestselling books. The stories include: "Monster Blood", "Why I'm Afraid Of Bees", "A Night In Terror Tower", "The Beast From The East" and "Legend Of The Lost Legend".

Ab Fr. 34.75

Welcome to Elvendale . . . When Emily Jones was walking through her grandmother's garden, she never dreamed she would end up in another world. But after crossing through a secret portal, Emily finds herself in Elvendale, the land of the elves . . . with no way to leave! Luckily, she meets the elves of fire, earth, wind, and water. Together they set off on a quest to find four legendary keys that have the power to open the portal to Emily's world. But it will take imagination and courage for them to succeed as they encounter riddles, talking animals and powerful magic on their way. Can they unlock the mystery and get Emily back home?

Fr. 6.45
A gripping and emotionally searing novel 'Looking for JJ' explores the circumstances and motives behind the murder of a child - by her friend. Three children walked away from the edge of town one day - but only two of them came back . . .
Ab Fr. 11.80

A funny and heartfelt story about a girl who falls over and breaks her two-front teeth. What follows is a long and frustrating journey with braces, surgery, and extremely embarrassing headgear! With expressive colour illustrations throughout. Ages: 9-13yrs.

Ab Fr. 16.90
The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes will revisit the world of Panem sixty-four years before the events of The Hunger Games, starting on the morning of the reaping of the Tenth Hunger Games.
Ab Fr. 28.50
This takes the form of Tom's battered homework diary - crammed with his doodles and stories.
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