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Uses the Japanese philosophy of Shokuiku to teach parents how to maximize nutrition in their children's diets.

Eating the Shokuiku Way teaches parents how to raise their kids with the life-long health benefits of the Japanese way of eating. The Japanese culture is known for its longest life spans and lowest obesity rates. Every child can grow up with maximum intelligence, longevity, and quality of life using this method. Here, parents learn why it's essential to start these habits with their children (to prevent diabetes, allergies, and obesity), and get step-by-step instruction on not only what to feed their kids, but how. Including time-saving cooking tips, ready-to-go bento box recipes, and knowledge how to teach kids to make better food decisions - limiting carbs, maximizing whole foods, the importance of protein for cell growth and immunity-this work is your go-to guide for learning how to respect and honor food and its role in nourishing our bodies and minds.

Anyone can learn to eat the Shokuiku way. With a focus on simple ingredients to improve the sensitivity of growing taste buds, and an emphasis on slowing down in order to aid digestion and brain function, the Shokuiku way helps children and families appreciate food and the act of eating. A comprehensive approach, the Shokuiku way also encourages mindful eating and making healthful choices that will last a lifetime. Not just for children, but for anyone hoping to change their eating habits and improve their overall health and wellbeing, Eating the Shokuiku Way will guide readers on a better path.

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