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The launch title in Quarry's delightful new illustration series, Draw 62 Animals and Make Them Cute features how-to visual instruction and variation ideas for 62 different animals, with room for readers to add their own!
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Brilliantly Vivid Color-by-Number: Flowers and Mandalas  presents 30 numbered, ready-to-color original floral and circular pieces by artist F. Sehnaz Bac, renowned for the stunning palettes of her painted rock designs.

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Based on the hugely popular Instagram account of the same name, Pretty Little London introduces you to 100 Insta-worthy places to explore in the city all year round.


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Young Michelle grew up on the South Side of Chicago in a close-knit family. She loved getting an education, achieving 'A's, and worked hard to blaze trails at the universities of Princeton and Harvard. Then, at the beginning of her legal career, she met Barack Obama. As first lady, she used her platform to advocate for women and girls

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Part of the bestselling Little People, BIG DREAMS series, Jürgen Klopp tells the inspiring story of one of football's greatest managers and leaders.

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Little People, BIG DREAMS Alexander von Humboldt tells the story of the famous explorer and naturalist.

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In this book from the critically acclaimed, multimillion-copy bestselling Little People, BIG DREAMS series, discover the true story of Dwayne Johnson, the wrestling champion and movie superstar! 

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Discover the incredible life of Lewis Hamilton, one of the world's greatest racing car drivers, in this book from the bestselling Little People, BIG DREAMS series.

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Discover the story of Usain Bolt, one the fastest men in the world.

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From the bestselling Little People, BIG DREAMS series, Tenzing Norgay tells the story of a brave mountain climber who got to the top of Mount Everest.

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Part of the bestselling Little People, BIG DREAMS series, Leo Messi tells the inspiring story of a young boy from Argentina who became one of the world's greatest footballers.

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The Encyclopedia of the Weird and Wonderful features over 100 illustrated explanations of some of the most intriguing and entertaining facts from life, culture, and a range of other fascinating topics. 

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The Art of Urban Sketching is both a comprehensive guide and a showcase of location drawings by artists around the world who draw the cities where they live and travel.

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For all of history, minus the last thirty years, fat has been at the centre of human diets and cultures. McLagan sets out with equal parts passion, scholarship and appetite to win us back to a healthy relationship with animal fats. She achieves this through enlightening us with the many ways fat is indispensable to our health and by demonstrating, through a range of delicious recipes, how fat is fundamental to the flavour of our food.

Observing that we may now know everything about olive oil, we may not know what to do with lard or bone marrow, McLagan offers extensive guidance on sourcing, rendering, flavouring, using and storing animal fats, whether bacon, schmaltz or suet. Stories, lore, quotations and tips round out this rich and unapologetic celebration of food at its very best.

The book is divided into sections by type of fat – Butter (worth it), Pork Fat (the king), Poultry Fat (versatile and good for you), Beef and Lamb Fats (overlooked but tasty)– and each chapter opens with a comprehensive description of the history, the types and the uses of each type of fat followed by a range of fabulous recipes.

Jennifer McLagan is a chef and a much sought – after food stylist and writer who has worked around the world, including Paris, London and Australia. Her first book Bones (2005) was widely acclaimed and won the James Beard award for single subject food writing. She is a regular contributor to Fine Cooking and Food & Drink. She currently lives in Toronto with her husband.

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Step on to a stage full of stories with this beautiful anthology of 12 stories from Shakespeare, rewritten to be accessible to children aged 7+.
'12 Shakespearean stories rewritten to be accessible to children...presented in a richly illustrated gift edition.'

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The Zenned Out Guide to Understanding Crystals covers everything you need to know about crystals and their unique healing properties.

This is your spiritual guide to using crystals for healing, meditating, boosting energy, improving mood, elevating your health, and much more. Discover which crystal is right for you and harness its power as you become more balanced and centered. Approachable exercises make it easy for you to practice techniques for amplifying healing energy, manifesting your intentions, and enhancing your ritual work. A gorgeous illustrative guide to over 90 crystals helps you identify which crystals resonate with you the most. With this book, you'll:
  • Learn the significance of each crystal’s color and its relation to chakras, the best way to position it, and ideal crystal pairings.
  • Find out which moon phases, days of the week, zodiac signs, and chakras work best with each.
  • Learn how to best clean, program, and protect your crystals by using elements such as the moon and the sun, so you can enhance each crystal's power as you work with them.
  • Use crystals as intention-setting tools to manifest what you want to bring into your life and add more meaning to your spiritual craft.
  • Practice meditation techniques and protect your energy to raise your vibrations.
With The Zenned Out Guide to Understanding Crystals, you’ll deepen the connection between your mind, body, and spirit as you explore the earth's energy through crystals.  
The Zenned Out series is an open invitation to seasoned and curious spiritualists who want to explore their craft. With Cassie Uhl’s approachable steps and explanations to mystical tools and symbolism, readers can start using the information right away. 
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