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Portrait of a Love (eBook) von Wolf, Joan

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ISBN: 978-1-953601-88-9
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"I swore I would never get involved with a man again…."

Gifted artist Isabel McCarthy vowed to keep every moment spent with Leo Sinclair strictly business. Painting a portrait of this popular young senator could give her reputation a tremendous boost, but did she dare spend long hours alone with such a devastatingly handsome man-especially one who had a reputation for charming and disarming women? In Leo Sinclair's brilliant blue eyes, Isabel clearly saw what he wanted from her. But while she was supposed to be fighting his passionate overtures, reminding herself how badly she had been burned by love before, her twice-foolish heart told her it was too late…the banked fire within her was ignited….

AutorWolf, Joan
VerlagUntreed Reads
EinbandAdobe Digital Editions
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├ťber den Autor Wolf, Joan

Award-winning author Joan Wolf began writing her first novel when she was 11. It was about a boy and a horse living in Wyoming. At the time she was living in New York City. Even at 11 she was interested in writing about people whose backgrounds were different from hers. Since then she has written 53 novels ranging throughout time, with the Regency period one of her favorites.

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