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Mentoring While White (eBook) von Lensmire, Timothy J. (Beitr.)

Culturally Responsive Practices for Sustaining the Lives of Black College Students
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Mentoring While White: Culturally Responsive Practices for Sustaining the Lives of Black College Students provides a provocative and illuminating account of the mentoring experiences of Black college and university students based on their racialized and marginalized identities. Bettie Ray Butler, Abiola Farinde-Wu, and Melissa Winchell bring together a diverse group of well-respected leading and emerging scholars to present new and compelling arguments pointing to what white faculty should do to reimagine mentoring that seeks to sustain the lives of Black students by way of intentionality, reciprocal love, and transformative practice. This timely and relevant text takes a solution-oriented approach in offering direct guidance, promising strategies, and key insights on how to effectively implement culturally responsive mentoring practices that aim to improve cross-racial mentor-mentee relationships and post-school outcomes for Black students in higher education. It provides clear and immediate recommendations that can inform and positively shape mentoring interactions with Black women, men, and queer undergraduate and graduate students using innovative models that draw upon critical media and antiracist frameworks. The book is a must-read for anyone who currently mentors or desires to mentor Black college and university students.

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Über den Autor Lensmire, Timothy J. (Beitr.)

Bettie Ray Butler, Ph.D., is associate professor of urban education and the Director of the M.Ed. in Urban Education program at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Abiola Farinde-Wu, Ph.D., is assistant professor of urban education in the Department of Leadership in Education at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Melissa Winchell, Ed.D., is associate professor of secondary education and Chair of the Accelerated Post Baccalaureate Program at Bridgewater State University.