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Kolme Korkeudet Oy


Discover some of the world's most infamous killers in perfectly-illustrated detail.
People have an obsession with serial killers, giving them a cult-like following from those with a morbid fascination. With their crimes going down in history, so many people have tried to get into their minds and discover what made them tick.
Inside this spine-chilling coloring book, you'll discover 23 of the world's most notorious serial killers, depicted with stunning and detailed illustrations for you to color. You'll find:

Ted Bundy

Ed Gein

Pablo Escobar

Charles Manson

Genene Jones

Terry Nichols

Ricard Ramirez

Graham Young

The Zodiac Killer

And More…

With single-sided pages to prevent bleed and make tearing out your favorites easy, as well as high-resolution images, this book is perfect for those with a morbid curiosity of the monsters who walk among us. Ideal as a gift - or just for yourself - this book puts on show the world's worst killers in stunning detail, with symbolism to link them to their crimes and weapons of choice.

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