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Good Dogs Don't Make It to the S Pole \ Los perros buenos no llegan al Polo (eBook) von Thyvold, Hans-Olav

(Spanish edition)
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ISBN: 978-0-06-298593-4
Herstellernummer: 35236636
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Told through the eyes of a very grumpy yet lovable mutt, a funny and touching tale of aging, death, friendship, and life that proves sometimes a dog's story is the most human of all.

Tassen has always been a one-man dog. When his human companion, Major Thorkildsen, dies, Tassen and Mrs. Thorkildsen are left alone. Tassen mourns Major by eating too many treats, and Mrs. T by drinking too much. But the two unexpectedly find common ground in researching Roald Amundsen's expedition to the South Pole led by a pack of intrepid dogs.

But the quiet days Tassen and Mrs. T spend together at the library researching the explorer's arctic adventure are disrupted by the arrival of her son and daughter in-law. Eager to move in to the Major's spacious house, they plan to send Mrs. T to a nursing home. As he contemplates his own fate, Tassen shudders to think what might happen to him! Yet Tassen and Mrs. T aren't about to give up. Inspired by Roald Amundsen and his dogs, this unlikely pair are ready to take on anything life throws at them.

Good Dogs Don't Make It to the South Pole is a darkly comedic and whimsical portrayal of aging and death told through a dog's friendship with an elderly woman.

AutorThyvold, Hans-Olav / Marco, Ana Flecha (Übers.)
EinbandAdobe Digital Editions
Seitenangabe336 S.
MeldetextNoch nicht erschienen, August 2022
ReiheHarperCollins Espanol
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