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English Vocabulary in Use. Fourth Edition. Pre-intermediate and Intermediate. Book with answers and Enhanced ebook

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ISBN: 978-1-316-62831-7
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The words you need to communicate with confidence.

English Vocabulary in Use Pre-intermediate and Intermediate contains vocabulary explanations and practice for pre-intermediate and intermediate level (B1) learners of English and is perfect for both self-study and classroom activities. Expand your vocabulary with easy to understand explanations and practice exercises. Learn words in context with 100 different topics, including 'Travel bookings', 'Cafés', and 'Email and the Internet'. Be confident about what you are learning, thanks to Cambridge research into how English is really spoken and written. Get better at studying by yourself, with units on learning vocabulary, personalised practice and an easy to use answer key. You can buy this book with or without an ebook. With the ebook you can listen to new words as well as reading them, bookmark pages, highlight text and add notes to help you remember words. It can be accessed online using a PC or Mac, and downloaded to iPads or Android tablets.

VerlagCambridge University Press
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MeldetextLieferbar in ca. 10-20 Arbeitstagen
AbbildungenMit E-Book
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