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This book examines how people learn from words and graphics and provides 15 evidence-based principles for designing multimedia instruction.

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This is a graduate text on turbulent flows, an important topic in fluid dynamics. It is up-to-date, comprehensive, designed for teaching, and is based on a course taught by the author at Cornell University for a number of years. The book consists of two parts followed by a number of appendices. Part I provides a general introduction to turbulent flows, how they behave, how they can be described quantitatively, and the fundamental physical processes involved. Part II is concerned with different approaches for modelling or simulating turbulent flows. The necessary mathematical techniques are presented in the appendices. This book is primarily intended as a graduate level text in turbulent flows for engineering students, but it may also be valuable to students in applied mathematics, physics, oceanography and atmospheric sciences, as well as researchers and practising engineers.

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The clearest coverage available of diffusion and mass transfer, which is a key part of the chemical engineering curriculum.

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This book describes the rise of the Swiss Franc to its current status as a strong currency of international importance, and uses this to demonstrate important insights into the organization and development of monetary institutions and currency. It will be of interest to academics studying macroeconomic history, the history of financial institutions, and comparative economic history.

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