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Abrams & Chronicle


Featuring an eclectic mix of 100 restaurants?from Moro to The River Café and Honey & Co?this charming collection of drawings is accompanied by interviews with the owners, chefs, and loyal patrons of these much-loved restaurants.

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From Tricia Hersey, the celebrated founder of the Nap Ministry, this deck of 50 powerful rest practices helps you embrace rest as a form of radical self-care and personal liberation. The Rest Deck is a rousing call to reclaim rest in everyday life. Delivered in a stunning package with gold accents and gorgeous artwork throughout, the deck combines restorative meditations with prescient wisdom from celebrated activist and wellness leader Tricia Hersey, a.k.a. the Nap Bishop, and founder of the Nap Ministry. Readers will discover 50 inspiring cards, each with an empowering affirmation and a simple practice to encourage rest, rejuvenation, and imagination. Rooted in social justice and imbued with spirituality, these cards offer short, accessible practices designed to uplift anyone suffering from burnout and the toxic effects of grind culture.

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Flexi journal with cover featuring a vibrant selection of true-to-size tiled colour chips from Pantone, the world colour authority.
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In Michael Storrings Springtime in Paris 1000 Piece Puzzle, award-winning designer, illustrator, and creative director Michael Storrings showcases spring excitement at the Grand Bassin pond. Michael's use of color and playful detail perfectally capture this ornamental pond which resides in front of the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris.

? 1000 pieces, Ribbon Cut
? Box: 11.25 x 8.25 x 2, 286 x 210 x 51mm
? Puzzle: 27 x 20", 686 x 508 mm
? Includes Puzzle Insert with Puzzle Image
? Puzzle greyboard contains 90% recycled paper. Packaging contains 70% recycled paper and is made responsibly from FSC-certified material. Printed with nontoxic inks.
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The third design book from the TV and social media star and author of Habitat and Down to Earth, Feels Like Home explores the emotional connection that a home can have to a person’s life

A house is a feeling. That is the conceit behind designer Lauren Liess’s third book, which explores the emotional connection between the way we decorate our homes and our daily lives. She advises readers to think beyond just the objects in their homes and explore how design informs an intentional, happy, and authentic life.

The book includes practical design information, with never-before-seen case studies on a variety of homes including a farmhouse, a home in the woods, a Spanish colonial, and other more traditional homes. Each case study explores a hardworking design aspect (such as proportion, scale, and color), while also focusing on the emotional aspect of the home. The chapters are inspired by the following themes: comfort, calm, excitement, belonging, carefree, love, and contentment.

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Maddie the coonhound has captured the hearts and imaginations of dog lovers all around the world. Maddie Lounging on Things follows Maddie¿s adventures at play and at rest as she accompanies her owner, Theron, from Utah to Illinois to Mexico and everywhere in between. From cross-country trips sleeping in cars and cheap motels to visiting family near and far, Maddie finds a way to settle in for a nap in any set of circumstances.

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Stimulus plans: good or bad? Free markets: How free are they? Occupy Wall Street . . . worldwide! Everybody's talking about the economy, but how can everyday people, understand what Wall Street or Washington knows--or say they know? By reading this book.
280 black-and-white illustrations
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A dynamic aerial exploration of our changing planet, published on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day

The Human Planet is a sweeping visual chronicle of the Earth today from a photographer who has circled the globe to report on such urgent issues as climate change, sustainable agriculture, and the ever-expanding human footprint. George Steinmetz is at home on every continent, documenting both untrammeled nature and the human project that relentlessly redesigns the planet in its quest to build shelter, grow food, generate energy, and create beauty through art and architecture. In his images, accompanied by authoritative text by renowned science writer Andrew Revkin, we are encountering the dramatic and perplexing new face of our ancient home.

200 four-colour photographs
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